Marset is about more than lamps: we take care of light, in its different nuances and effects, to create atmospheres with character and improve our clients’ quality of life.


Creating unusual shapes by fully exploiting exclusive materials in order to keep offering new projects: this is the same goal that Milldue set for itself more than 40 years ago when it entered the bathroom furnishing industry. It was 1976 when Mario Brescacin founded the company, which at the time manufactured furniture and, that same year, it had a successful debut at SAIE.


MisuraEmme, since 1902 a tireless and laborious contribution to the values ​​of "Made in Italy". In MisuraEmme, the size and industrial potential of today constitute a heritage built over time. A long period dedicated to refining the knowledge of the multiple requirements that make a company a great brand.


An ancient heart marries technology and contemporary trends to give rise to timeless quality. Keeping faith with the artisan tradition of our region and an extremely dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, MM Lampadari fuses past, present and future, creating lamps with enduring style, highly contemporary experimental designs, one-off items and exquisite bespoke creations.


For more than fifteen years Moooi has inspired and seduced the world with sparkling and innovative designs.


Moroso has been working in close collaboration with some of the world’s most talented designers to produce luxury sofas and seating since 1952.


Nomon - is the leader in indoor clocks, with presence in over 60 countries. We design and create visually stunning pieces, where the clock ceases to be a mere accessory and becomes the protagonist, decorating the walls of homes, offices, receptions and all kinds of facilities.


Light is a fundamental part of our life, allowing us to create living spaces, to create moods and atmospheres.


To many, cooking is a form, if not of art, certainly of high craftsmanship. However, whether professional or amateur, a chef must realize that cooking involves two basic steps: choosing and combining ingredients and cooking methods.


OKHA is a Cape Town based interior design studio. We are creators of progressive, elegant furniture and lighting, as well as artisanal objects and contemporary floor art.


The history of Panzeri is traditionally linked to those values that have always represented its philosophy: quality, research and innovation.


The history of Pataviumart begins in 1957. It starts in the middle of an historical period teeming with life, ingenuity, desire to build and rebuild.


Founded in 1976 in Florence, Patrizia garganti, managed in a short time to become one of the leading manufacturers of premium class lighting products.


Born in 1975, Penta stand immediately out in the furnishing market thanks to the originality of its proposal: production and sale of basic complements form home decoration.


Pianca is an established industrial company in the field of home furnishing systems and accessories, for living and sleeping areas.


A few years ago we began placing a new line of  lighting in our studio as an alternative to the volatile, temporary and trendy mass production items available everywhere.


Poliform is today one of the most significant industrial companies in the international furnishing sector. Protagonist of a successful business venture, the company has made the continuous search for quality its mission, renewing its proposals to better interpret life styles and the most contemporary trends.