Delta Light N.V.

Brand: Delta Light


Address: Muizelstraat, 2, 8560, Wevelgem, Belgium

Delta Light

At Delta Light, a family-run Belgian enterprise, we develop and produce architectural lighting equipment and work with architects, designers, contractors and investors to integrate light into their projects. We have been doing this through an international network since 1989, working on private projects of various sizes, on projects for offices, public buildings, shops, and hospitality companies.

Delta Light®, founded in 1989 by commercial director and engineer Paul Amelut, has become the market leader and trendsetter in architectural lighting. Representing innovative lighting projects, the company is recognized worldwide for its skillful blend of atmosphere, elegance, functionality and design in both indoor and outdoor lighting. Peter and Jan Amelut, who joined their father at the head of the company, are the guarantors of the future development of Delta Light, bringing additional ambition and dynamism to the team team.

Striving for the reputation of a reliable manufacturer of architectural lighting elements, Delta Light has become a trendsetter in the development of lighting projects for residential, commercial and specialized premises. Thanks to its knowledge, experience and a wide range of products for projects of various sizes - from small to large, including apartments, offices, public places, showrooms, objects of the hospitality sector and landscape design, Delta Light is able to meet any functional and aesthetic requirements of your projects.

All these years, Delta Light has grown through its own design development, research, quality control, testing and production. The entire process, from the design and development of the layout to the production, packaging and storage, is carried out at the main office of Delta Light in Belgium.