Donghia, Inc. has consistently reflected the dynamic and innovative approach to design that its founder, Angelo Donghia, was renowned for.


Edra is a company with a history in itself. It has established itself as a leader, with a leading role. He has traveled his path with courage, professionalism, respect and heart.


Eichholtz is a Dutch factory that was founded by Theo Eicholz at the end of the 20th century. Furniture Eichholtz has absorbed the unique spirit of Eastern countries, such as: India, Burma, Thailand, etc.


The Tagliabue company was founded in Cantù in 1879 and since the early years it has dedicated itself to the production of high quality custom furniture and multilayer panels for the aeronautical industry.


The ERCO is a leading international specialist in architectural lighting using LED technology.


Estro's experience in the design and production of beautiful and elegant lighting products, extends to a large variety of tailor-made products.


The company Euro Lamp Art has been manufacturing lighting products in Florence since 1975. For more than 40 years, the owner and founder of the company, Mario Skelfo, together with his children, Laura and Lorentz, has been supplementing his collections with new ideas, creating attractive and original projects.


FLEXFORM is an Italian industrial company that relies on deeply rooted expertise in the production of finely crafted sofas and furnishings, with an innate focus on design culture, a past of outstanding collaborations with the best designers and creative talents, a capillary, efficient international commercial and distribution network, and major investments in the areas of communication, research and innovation.


Foscarini imagines, develops and produces decorative lamps: night and day, whether they’re on or off, they seduce, surprise and inspire. Foscarini lights are conceived as design objects that transform spaces: we bring beauty, we stir emotions.


Gallo has been operating in the indoor lighting and furniture sectors for four generations.


Founded in 1882, the company is currently managed by the third generation of the family with Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni.


GLASSBURG is a Russian company engaged in the manufacture of lamps, light installations of artistic glass products.


What, back in 1957, was a small-scale craft business is today a leading name in the furniture industry, with a globe-spanning reputation.