Brand: Vistosi


Address: Via Galileo Galilei, 9, 31021, Mogliano Veneto TV, Italia


LEDs are currently the best lighting solution. This product combines both energy savings (up to 85%) and durability (service life up to 25 years). Vistosi was among the first to discover this innovative resource, creating the 2011 LED version of Vega. Currently, Vistosi is dedicating an entire stand with lamps that work exclusively on LEDs at the international exhibition Frankfurt Light + Building 2014 of this technology.

Together with the Swiss studio Atelier-Oi Vistosi implemented a unique project for Bulgari, creating a new exclusive multicomponent lighting element, OVI - a new version of Giogali chandelier from designer Angelo Mangiarotti. The collection consists of chandeliers "woven" using two-dimensional modular hooks of blown glass, connected by metal rings that make up a large cascade. This versatile and complex system allows you to create forms and reflexes with the greatest effect.

After two years of searching and testing in the laboratories of Vistosi, an innovative crystal mixture is born, which has not only clear aesthetic advantages, but also technological and ecological advantages: this blown glass does not contain lead. The new mixture, which no longer contains lead oxide, increases the transparency of the crystal, which is visible to the naked eye and has significantly slowed oxidation processes. As a result, glass with qualities similar to those of stainless steel is obtained: it is durable and retains the desired initial characteristics.

Among the best Vistosi jewelery, the work of "filigree a retisello" stands out, which is a complex process of processing glass networks enclosed inside, blown out later on cold glass. The talent needed to achieve this effect makes this product particularly elegant and valuable.