Beby Italy Srl

Brand: Beby Italy


Address: Via Mussa 16/A, Z.I. - Piombino Dese, Padova, Italy

Beby Italy

The birth of a brand through the story of a life: the passion for art and for Italian artisanship has represented for Gabriella Bertotti the opportunity to express an extraordinary creative nature.

As a witness of the company's history, and becoming the author of the managerial project that has transformed it into a modern industrial company, Massimo Soffiato, president of Beby Italy, represents the connection between the two generations, united by a single tradition full of prestige.

The DILUCE brand represents the personal victory of Massimo Soffiato and the affirmation of a project of diversification of Beby Italy production, bringing it into innovation and modernity in the high profile of the lighting industry.

Every model has itself hundreds of years of artisanship works and Italian experience in creating art objects of inestimable value.

A value which is given by the absolute craftsmanship that provides the tools and skills needed to create unique pieces, custom made and exclusive products, where the extreme care for details is ensuring the excellence of each product, on which based, as always, the identity and philosophy of the company.